Our Mission

Children are natural learners and with their great curiosity, enthusiasm and originality. We like to respect and encourage their individual and natural style of learning such as

with that in mind, we create a secure and comfortable environment where children can explore creativity freely with a well balanced curriculum we provide, through these various experiences, children gain great curiosity and concentration, which builds self-esteem and a positive attitude.

Supervisor & Principal's word...


The word 'education' comes from the Latin word 'educe', which means 'to draw forth from within'. We believe that every child has his/her own natural gifts and talents, which we strive to "draw forth from with" each of them, to enable each of them to explore and develop his/her potentials. 

Based on this fundamental principle and in light of the ever changing world, we keep on improving our teaching quality and making necessary changes to our services, to provide the best education to our children. As revealed by researches, children's abilities in learning and picking up new things are much better - in their early age, where greater efforts are needed when they gradually grow up. Therefore, we would enable our children to get in touch with new things and learn as much as they can during their golden learning period. 

During the past 10 years, our school faced several critical challenges which helped us to become stronger and better. We changed from a private school to a non-profit one, so parents could benefit from Voucher Scheme introduced by the Education Bureau. Our efforts are recognized in which we have passed the "Quality Review from the Education Bureau" with positive comments in 2009.

We understand that there are always room for improvement. We will continue to improve our school, our services. Pristine would give your child the oppotunity to learn and grow in a joyful way without unnecessary pressure from tests and examinations, and at the same time to explore their diverse potential through different extra-curricular activities. To conclude, it is our goal to let every child to develop their full potential in all aspects.

Pristine is the place for your child to attain their bright future.

Ale, Jagdish Kumar



Pristine is a very special and unique school. Here, you could find children coming from different countries who can normally speak more than two languages fluently with confidence. Pristines' kids are generally more mature than others, as they learn with classmates from different parts of the world everyday. They are more open minded and they truly understand the importance of respecting others. They are enthusiatic children with passions to play and passions to learn. Moreover, the warm, joyful and welcoming atmosphere at school high motivates our kids in learning.

Pristine offers high quality and all-rounded education in a secure, friendly and cross-cultural environment. Our curriculum is specially designed, based on children's backgrounds, interests, experiences, knowledge, attitudes and needs. This tailor made curriculum will definitely assist them in developing their characters are their full potentials.

We truly believe that childhood education plays an important role in a child's personal development and growth.
With the unique features and characteristics, Pristine will be the best place for your child to explore and develop his/her talents and potentials.

Cheng Kai Fun



Special Features

1. 1:12 teacher to child ratio
2. classes conducted in english/chinese
3. teaching of good hygienic habits, propermanners, rules and greetings
4. international cultural events celebration
5. education field trips (post office. police station, parkn' shop, fire station etc.)
6. fire drill practice on a regular basis
7. monthly progress comments
8. closely monitor the students punctuality and progress


Our Staff

All of our staff are qualified, long experienced, enthusiastic and devoted
- always motivated to learn and create a new style of teaching
- are trained in first aid
- are multicultural teachers
- who can help children's smooth transition
- use different languages
- are constantly updated on the latest educational approaches


School Song

I love my mom. I love my dad. I love my family, too.
I love my books. I love my folks. I love my teachers, too.
We train our mind to reach the sky.
Our lives have just begun.
So hold our hands. We’ll be the champ
In everything we do.

Pristine’s a happy, happy school.
Pristine’s a happy happy school.
Pristine will always stand by you.
So come along. Please sing our song
And join our family, too!

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