Talent Show

At Pristine, we believe in nurturing each individual child to their full potential. Whole person development and a lifelong love of learning comes when learning experiences both at home and at school can stimulate and meet the growing and changing intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs of the child.


Pristine Kindergarten has been holding regular talent shows to nurture the budding talents and celebrate our students’ ability and desire to create and perform. Since 2012, the regular in-school talent shows have culminated as the Pristine’s Got Talent! grand finale .


Our objectives in holding such events on a regular basis are to enhance and improve our students’:

·        Self-confidence and self-image;

·        Communication skills;

·        Interpersonal and socialization skills;

·        Self-motivation skills and ability to motivate others;

·        Memory;

·        Reading skills;

·        Listening abilities; and

·       To provide our students with meaningful and life-enriching learning experiences.


The talent shows will be held in the school premises once every two months.

Parents and their families will be invited to attend and participate in the finale.

Performance Content:

Poetry recitation, retelling or narrating a story, playing an instrument, singing and dancing are some of the skills that students could work on and showcase.

Rules and Regulations:

A child must participate in at least TWO talent shows to be eligible to participate in the talent show finale. Parents are encouraged to prepare and guide students for their performances according to their age, ability and interest.

Parental involvement and encouragement are some of the key points that can make all the difference in how a child does in school and later on, in life. We are sure that with your support and reinforcement, every child can succeed. We wish all our students the very best!