Our school has received funding support for NCS students for the 6th time* in the 2022/23 school year, and has strengthened support for NCS students through a series of school-based support measures.

In the 2022/23 school year, our school has a total of 6 teachers responsible for teaching non-Chinese speaking students, applied for funding, and hired an additional curriculum senior teacher and a teacher to coordinate the support work; the following developments will be made:

1. School-based professional training and development

According to the proportion of the number of non-Chinese speaking students in the school and their learning needs, chaired by experienced directors or teachers who have participated in relevant training, discuss, discuss and develop with their peers how to increase the time of students learning Chinese, or enhance contextual and strategic grouping, etc. Effective ways to enhance opportunities for students to learn and use Chinese

2. Implement different modes of learning activities

- When designing learning activities, teachers adjust teaching strategies and arrange learning activities with different contents according to the different learning needs of NCS students

- Arrange teaching assistants to support the learning of NCS students in the classroom

- Arrange group or individual support in groups or at self-selected time periods to help NCS students preview or consolidate what they have learned in class

- Arrangement of learning support before/after class

3 Strengthen communication with parents of non-Chinese speaking students

 - Assisted by teachers/teaching assistants* (or other modes such as facebook Whatsapp) for non-Chinese

 Parents of school children understand the content of school announcements and/or their children’s learning performance

- For other school information (e.g. circulars), available in English/other languages*

- Organizing seminars for non-Chinese speaking parents to help them understand the school situation, explain their children's learning progress, and provide support for their children

 - Through various channels (e.g. _online platform, lectures, parents' day), to understand the opinions of parents of non-Chinese speaking students on the support provided by the school

- Explain to parents of non-Chinese speaking students the arrangements for their children to go to primary school, and

-Provide specific suggestions to parents for the transition of student.

- Encourage them to choose local mainstream schools

-Apply information technology to establish a parent communication/information platform (please explain the method of use: zoom google meet_)

 - Through mobile application (i.e. Apps) (please explain how to use: facebook Whatsapp)

To strengthen communication with non-Chinese speaking parents