Primary 1 Admission

Primary One Admission (POA) 2022

Primary One Admission System

Admission to Primary One is one of the major concerns for parents whose children will soon reach primary school-going age. Pristine Kindergarten is committed to supporting our students and parents in making a smooth transition between kindergarten and primary school and helping parents understand the primary one admission system better.

The school will hold a briefing session early in September to give guidelines to our parents on the application process for admission to Primary One. 

Calendar for Primary One Admission 2022


4 Sept 2021


Briefing Session on

Primary One Admission (POA) 2022

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

4 to 27 Sept 2021

‘Application Forms for Admission to Primary One’ available at kindergartens

20 to 27 Sept 2021

Parents to return the completed Application Forms to the government or aided primary schools in which they wish to apply for discretionary places

22 Nov 2021

Release of results of allocation of discretionary places by schools

24 to 25 Nov 2021

Registration of Primary 1 pupils allocated with discretionary places

26 Nov 2021

Registration of pupils on the waiting list to fill the vacancies arising from successful discretionary-place applicant children not turning up for registration

22 to 23 Jan 2022

Parents of unallocated applicant children to complete the ‘Choice of Schools Form’ for Central Allocation

1 to 2 Jun 2022

Release of results of Central Allocation

Results of Central Allocation to be sent to parents by post

(If parents have provided a mobile phone number on the Choice of Schools Form and indicated their consent to receive the Central Allocation results via this mobile phone number, they will also receive the results via SMS message on 1 Jun1 Jun)

7 to 9 Jun 2022

Registration of Primary 1 pupils allocated with places through Central Allocation

(The EDB will assign timeslots for parents to register with the allocated school on 7 Jun or 8 Jun. Parents who cannot proceed with the registration within the specified date can register on 9 Jun9 Jun)


Briefing Session for POA 2022

G:2021-202221.22 PresentationsPOA 2022 presentation.pdf


Additional Resources from the EDB for Parents of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

-        Part I – Education Support for NCS students

-        Part II – “Primary One Admission”

-        Part III – Student Financial Assistance Schemes


You may find the videos of the EDB briefing session on the EDB’s Primary One Admission System webpage.